Refund/Cancellation Policy


Last updated March 29, 2021

Thank you for choosing us. We hope you are happy with our services. However, if you are not completely satisfied for any reason, you may raise a request for a full refund only. Please see below for more information on our return policy.


Please allow at least fourteen (14) days from the invoice of your service to process your refund. Refunds may take 1-2 billing cycles to appear on your credit card statement, depending on your credit card company. We will notify you by email when your refund has been processed.

Please Note

  • The work that Boon Xpress does on behalf of our clients is a non-tangible piece of intellectual property. Once the work has started, we can never get that back and you can never return it to us. It’s yours forever. It’s for this reason that we do not offer refunds once work has begun. The program officially starts on the day of your strategy session.
  •  If you wish to have your money refunded before our services have begun, we will refund that money within 5 working days.


If you have any questions concerning our return policy, please contact us at: